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With Africa making a big name in the gold trade market, buying and Selling Gold has become a very lucrative business with high returns on Buy Gold bars for saleinvestment. There are many forms in which you can do this on the market using paper gold, ETFs, GLDs, etc but our specialty is focused on private off market international physical gold transactions.

This predominantly consists of purchasing gold dore from Africa and selling it to Western, Middle Eastern and Asian clients.

With over 5 years of experience in this business we are best placed to be able to offer a range of lucrative business opportunities to both Gold Buyers and Gold Sellers.

As pointed out above, this business gives very high returns on investment and it is therefore not without risk. The main risk is having to lose your money to the lowest person on the gold totem pole ”THE SCAMMER”.

With over 99.9% of all deals being fraudulent in nature, or having terms which would make the deal impossible to complete the market is looked upon with disdain and there are 1000’s of stories online of staggering financial losses from both sellers and buyers. In fact we receive emails on a daily basis from people all over the world who’ve lost out on a deal and want our help to come in and resurrect it. Whilst it is occasionally possible to turn a deal around, it is far easier if it is structured correctly from the beginning.

The services we offer are detailed below, there is no set rules as each and every contract is different, just as is each and every client.

Buying Gold

Due to the the fact that 80% of every gold transaction in Africa is a scam, we have set our sights on helping those looking to buy gold bars do so successfully.  Through thorough research, we have been able to identify some of these scam artists and separate them from the real sellers.

You can contact us if you are looking to buy gold online from a genuine gold seller and we will send you a list.

If you are in contact with any vendor who claims to sell gold online, tell them to send you their Company Registration documents or simply ask for the following :

  • Export Business License No.
  • Taxpayer Identification No. (TIN)
  • Company Registration number

When they send you the above information, you send to us. We will take the information, verify with their Ministry of Mines or Chamber of Commerce and get back to let you know if they are legit or fake.

This system was created to help reduce the gold seller scam in Africa which increases everyday and many buyers lose money online. It has been very effective so far.

For more information, you can contact us. We also provide a list of the most trusted vendors gold vendors.

Selling Gold

We receive around 3 offers a day from sellers based all over Africa looking to find reputable buyers. Having been in the business for over 5 years we know what will and wont work for our extensive list of buyers and what the associated costs and pricing are to each party. There are 2 main options available.

Firstly we make sure these sellers are registered with the Ministry of Mines and Chamber of Commerce of their respected countries. We now work with these institutions directly so if a person claims to have gold, we verify their company registration documents and if they are legit we know immediately. This has been made easy as it is now done online and can be verified in minutes. After online verification, we also call the Ministry of Mines for further verification to see if the said company is still in business.

Secondly for sellers that are able to provide proofs of transaction history, company accounts and verifiable paperwork we can arrange for a buyer (or representative) to meet you on the ground. We can then arrange with the buyer for payment of some of the upfront costs against collateral, with final payment upon assay at a reputable LBMA refinery.

For more detailed information on how to buy gold bars online, contact us


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