Communication Unit

Under the authority of a Unit Head, the Communication Unit is in charge of:

– The implementation of the government strategy communication within the department;

– The design and layout of specific messages of the Minister;

– The collection, analysis and preservation of journalistic and audio-visual documentation of the Ministry;

– The continued promotion of brand image of the Ministry;

– Exploitation of articles on mining, industry and technological development, published in the national and international press;

– Protocol and the organization of ceremonies which the Minister or the Secretary of State participates;

– Involvement in the implementation of specialized programs of the Ministry in the national and international media;

– Organization of press conferences and other communication from the Minister;

– The drafting and publication of the newsletter and other publications related to the Ministry;

– Relations with the media and other communication services, and in general, public relations minister.

It includes, in addition to the Head of Unit, two (02) Assistant Research Officers.